Friday, 12 April 2013

Grocery Syndication

A standardized Xml format for describing supplied produce and groceries, including cost and location.
Syndicated using RSS
Collated by centralized grocery shopping web sites
Enter your shopping list, generates best price and allows you to edit manually.
Allow small producers to compete with market heavyweights Tesco, Asda, etc.
Cut out middle men and fund local produce directly without the inefficiency of driving about or remembering to visit farmers marker
Automatic increased visibility of small producers
Decentralize food production, sales and distribution.
Retire hellish supermarket eyesores.

Add standard Xml format for food recipes.
Internally measurements stored as metric, localize to US and old money via translation
Recipe sites now syndicate their recipes as well.
Grocery shopping sites now allow you to choose your shopping list via what you want to cook as well.

Filter by organic or no gm
Calculate and filter by food miles
Enforce dietary requirements

I love Xml.

Thursday, 4 April 2013