Saturday, 20 May 2017

Perfect Rice

Half a pint of Basmati Rice.
A quarter teaspoon of salt.
1 tablespoon of Ground Nut Oil
1 pint of boiling water

1 large glass lidded saute pan

1) Boil kettle

2) Heat oil in pan until smoking hot (Mac ring temperature)

3) Quickly tip dry rice into oil. First grains will turn white and opaque instantly. Gently mix oil into rice. Keep stirring every 5 to 10 seconds until translucent grains turn white and opaque. Be patient, they will turn opaque. This is important.

4) Measure 1 pint boiling water in jug, add salt to water, stir and dissolve.

5) Quickly poor water over rice, stir briskly 3 to 4 times.

6) Clap lid on, move on to small ring, turn to low (I use power 2 of 6 on mine)

7) Set timer for 14 minutes.

8) After time is up, lift and tip pan to see through glass lid if water has been absorbed. If not, repeat steps 7 & 8 but with 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes

9) Move rice off the heat, fluff up the rice with a plastic fork or spork, wrap lid in a clean tea towel and place on pan for 15 minutes.

10) Fluff every 15 minutes until everything else is ready and then eat.

Extra) Fantastic used for fried rice the next day.